Le Suite Gesu: Crucifixion Study Day 2

This is a lot closer. I have to define the crown of thorns better. Then maybe it's time to go to the plate.

I redrew Jesus' legs and hands. Redrew the Blessed Virgin's face. Redrew Mary Magdalene's face. Redrew Mary, wife of Cleopas' face over on the right. Redrew the arm and a lot of the woman in the lower left. Redrew a lot of John's robe and some of his face. Added to the cross. Made it thicker and more solid. Added INRI banner. Added rocks and cliffs to the right to better create a diagonal shape that leads the eye to the cross, through the figure of the Blessed Mother. Made sure Jesus and the cross stood out in the simple area of the top and middle left.

We picked up a donor on Friday Thank you, Maxine. You're a peach. :) Once again I say, if Catholics want a place where they can crowdfund Catholic evangelization projects, then it's pretty important to get the beta campaign funded. The rewards are better than strawberry shortcake on Saturday night!

Now, what I need from anyone who actually likes this is to go to CatholicStarter.com and donate to my CS campaign, so I can raise part of the capital I need to get a bigger etching press. I want to do crowd scenes like Sermon on the Mount, but 9x12 in. is tough to fit that into. If I raise enough for the press outright, some Catholic school art department, preferably an underprivileged parish school, gets a small etching press donated to them.


We picked up a donor on Friday Thank you, Maxine. You're a peach. :)




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